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Exotic paradise

Zanzibar. Even the name sounds juicy. And Zanzibar is rich in many ways. Spicy. Eventful. If you want to get more than just sun and swimming from the days after your hike, Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, is for you.

The climate

The climate in Usambaras is very different from the rest of Tanzania. Rain can and does fall at any time of the year, even if there is a seasonal pattern. The climate on the coast can be hot and humid, but due to the altitude (800-1400m), eastern Usambara is cooler and wetter than the surrounding lowlands. Precipitation averages over 1500 mm per year with an average temperature of 20C.

The culture

With clear connections to both the Arab and Indian culture and with strong Muslim traditions, you get a lot of life just by being there. But also Stone Town – this historic city, protected by UNESCO, where the winds of history caress the skin as the wind pulls through the narrow alleys.

Beaches and palm trees

White beaches, swaying palm trees and turquoise sea- the best offered by an island in the Indian Ocean. The image of a paradise. The different beaches vary a lot – some more touristy with small hotels. Others are more intimate and offer deserted beaches and variety in the discoveries.

Southern Zanzibar

We like the southern part of Zanzibar the best. There are the finest beaches and most choices when it comes to experiences. There are countless different hotels – all with different emotions, size, budget. Most small and personal – but also a little bigger family hotel for those who prefer it.


If you live in Jambiani, you have the village just behind and can follow life on Zanzibar. Cheers to the residents, play football with the kids. Buy fruit and water in the small shops. The beach is beautiful and we love the different colors that come with the tides. And best of all, you can swim at low tide. In the blue magic river that forms between the sandbanks when the water goes out. Then there are lots of small nice barefoot bars to visit for juice / lunch / dinner.

Michamvi- powder beach

In Michamvi 30 min north there are long beach walks and beach BBQ with sunset. And a mangrove forest that offers beautiful baths.


In the south we have Kizimkazi- where you pull up the big fish and where the dhow boat is waiting to take you out for sunset, snorkeling, lunch on board or a full day with BBQ on a desert island. Not suitable all year when the winds come in strong during some months. But when the north blows..ojojoj. Then Kizimkazi hits everything else on Zanzibar with a bang.


Then we have Makunduchi – this wonderful, green, authentic village where life just rolls on without the influence of tourism. No place to stay but a visit here gives a picture of life on Zanzibar beyond the tourist scene.

Best time

The whole year

Height ö.h

0-120 m


‎2,461 km²

Rainy season



Lazy on the beach / pool

Swim in the river between the sandbanks at low tide in Jambiani

BBQ at sunset in Michamvi

Swimming in the Mangrove Forest in Michamvi

Sail traditional dhow at sunset

Snorkel at Pungume or Bawe

Village visit by bicycle in Makunduchi

Moonrise over the horizon
Walk barefoot on the beach and visit all the small bars


Get lost in the mysterious alleys of Stone Town

Visit a medicine man

Visit the island of Uzi- completely beyond the tourist scene

Canoe in the mangrove forest

Sail the wooden trimmer in Jambiani

Learn to cook Swahili food

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